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Waiting for a Car Accident Settlement

There are six million car accidents in the United States every year. Many of these are minor, resulting only in property damage. Some result in injury, but not serious injury. Some, however, result in significant damages including medical expenses, an inability to work, loss of lifestyle, and untold amounts of physical and emotional pain and suffering. It is these accidents that demand the attention of an attorney.

When you select an attorney for your car accident case, it is important to choose one who has both the experience and the bandwidth to handle your case appropriately. Some firms take on multiple clients at once, forcing them to contract out much of the casework to inexperienced attorneys or outside firms. This can result in representation that is not truly representative of the client and may prove ineffective at securing the total compensation deserved by victims of severe injury.

The Maurer Law Firm is Here to Help

Fishkill attorney Ira Maurer takes only those cases he can personally represent. This allows Mr. Maurer to focus all needed attention on each case he takes, as is evidenced by the verdicts and settlements he has secured for our clients. Among these is one of the 50 largest car accident settlements of 2019. maintains a database of car accident settlements and, each year curates a list of the 50 largest settlements from years prior. These lists are made available as soon as all data is tabulated.

In 2019, Attorney Maurer secured one of the largest car accident settlements in the country. At $2,610,000, this was the ninth-largest car accident settlement in the state of New York that year and the 41st largest of literally thousands of cases filed nationally. Willing to take each case to trial if need be, this settlement is a testament to the dedication and care Mr. Maurer puts into each case.

Do You Need Help?

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