Railroad Accidents and Emotional Stress

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Railroad workers go to their jobs every day in extremely dangerous working conditions. Locomotives, freight cars and tankers weigh many thousands of pounds. Even minor railroad accidents can result in serious and life-threatening physical injuries. In addition, railroad workers and passengers can suffer serious psychological damages after being in a rail accident or witnessing one.

If you are a railroad worker or passenger involved in an accident that has caused you to suffer psychological damages, you have the right to file for compensation under the provisions of the Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA) or common law. Schedule a free consultation with The Maurer Law Firm in Fishkill, New York, by calling 845-896-5295 today.

Services For Injured Railroad Workers And Passengers

I am attorney Ira M. Maurer, of Fishkill, New York. My law firm is recognized as one of the pre-eminent FELA litigation firms serving railroad workers and their families in New York and throughout the Northeastern U.S. I also represent individuals who suffered psychological injury as a result of being injured in a train accident while riding as a rail passenger.

I represent railroad workers injured on the job, as well as passengers injured in rail accidents in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and states throughout the Northeast U.S.

Psychological Injuries Are Very Real And Very Complex

Proving a case for PTSD and other psychological damages requires an in-depth understanding of the neurological and medical issues as well as the relevant case law. I have been involved in many of the most significant cases involving railroad injury claims and have earned a national reputation for results that are cited as precedent in similar cases.

Get The Help You Need And Deserve

As an injured railroad worker, you have federal law on your side. The FELA and the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA) ensure that your rights are protected while you seek fair compensation from your employer or the rail line responsible for your injuries and financial damages.

However, the process can be frustrating if you do not understand the regulations and requirements for successful litigation. I have more than 30 years of experience helping injured railroad workers and their families get the money and medical benefits they are entitled to. I handle everything, while you focus on your health.

Here For You From Our First Meeting Until Your Case Is Resolved

I promise to remain available, responsive and committed to your case from the day you sign the retainer agreement until your FELA settlement or trial is completely resolved. My law firm is flexible so I can work directly with you. When you call, I respond quickly. You will always know how your case is progressing, and you will understand your legal options at every turn of your case. By making sure you understand the legal issues, you will be in the best position to make decisions that have a positive impact on your future.

From offices in Fishkill, The Maurer Law Firm, PLLC, represents injured railroad workers and train wreck passengers in Fishkill and all of New York. To schedule a free consultation with our experienced greater Hudson Valley personal injury attorney Ira Maurer, please contact The Maurer Law Firm by calling 845-896-5295.

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