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As a construction worker, you work in one of the most dangerous job injuries in the country. When you suffer a work-related injury, you deserve compensation so that you can continue to support yourself and your loved ones while also getting the medical care you need.

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Factors Contributing to Construction Accidents

Construction site accidents can be blamed on any of the following:

Such accidents can often result in catastrophic injuries that can lead to partial or total disability with complete loss of earning potential. This type of case requires an attorney with experience in construction accident litigation and thorough knowledge of state and federal regulations covering safe work practices in this industry.

What to Do After Your Work Injury

What to Do After a Work Injury | Maurer Law Firm - Fishkill

Construction sites make extremely hazardous work environments. Every year, an extraordinary number of construction workers are killed or injured on the job. Although construction companies are responsible for implementing safety programs and conducting work site inspections, accidents may still occur due to some degree of negligence, violation of safety regulations or unsafe equipment.

As an experienced construction accident lawyer, Ira Maurer can investigate the details of your work injury claim and develop a plan to resolve your case. While you are probably entitled to workers' compensation benefits, you may be able to recover even greater compensation if the cause of your accident can be traced to the negligence of a third party.

Mr. Maurer has the knowledge of state and federal laws that is necessary to handle these oftentimes complex cases. You deserve full compensation after suffering one of these injuries, and our law firm is ready to stand at your side and fight for what is in your best interest.

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