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Person at bottom of stairs following a slip and fall accident

As we approach the colder months of late autumn and winter, the risk of slip and fall injury increases. From leaves hiding dangerous obstructions to wet and icy walkways, slip and fall accidents can become a real concern when things get cold in Upstate New York, making it important that we walk carefully and pay attention to our surroundings.

Paying attention while walling is good, but alone cannot always prevent an accident. More than one million Americans are involved in slip and fall accidents annually, resulting in hundreds of thousands of injuries. An estimated 17,000 Americans die in these accidents every year – a majority of them over the age of 60. These cannot all be attributed to inattention. In fact, a shocking number of serious or fatal slip and fall accidents are the result of someone else’s negligence.

Who can be held liable for a slip and fall injury depends entirely on the factors that went into the accident, but oftentimes premises liability issues fall to the property owner or manager. This may be a private citizen, a corporation, or a government entity. In some cases, there may even be more than one liable party – but to get proper compensation, it will be necessary to identify exactly who is to blame.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

To help determine where fault should lie, it is a good idea to have your accident reviewed by a qualified and experienced attorney. This can help to ensure that all liable parties are identified and may be useful when seeking compensation for your injuries.

Ira M. Maurer has decades of experience and a proven history of getting results for his clients. If you have been injured or a loved one has been killed in a slip and fall accident, he encourages you to get in touch for an obligation and cost-free consultation where he can listen to your story, review the facts of your case, and help you determine how best to move forward.

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