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Inexperienced driver Last month, we asked the question whether millennials were the worst drivers. According to a recent AAA survey, millennials did admit to some pretty hazardous habits. However, some of the danger that younger drivers pose on the roadway is due to simple inexperience. If you have a teen driver getting behind the wheel, inexperience may be their biggest obstacle to safe driving. Without enough time on the road, young drivers may not understand or remember the rules of the road and may not be prepared to react to the variety of driving situations they will encounter. You can help them by:

  • Allowing teens to practice in a variety of conditions. From types of roads to differing weather conditions, letting your teen experience the full range of possibilities while you are in the car to guide them through it will help them feel more at ease and ready to handle whatever comes their way when you aren’t by their side.
  • Giving them time to learn. Driving a car may feel like second nature to you, but it is a large complex machine that can be daunting when it is a new experience. New drivers need 30 to 50 hours over the course of six months to begin to get the hang of it.
  • Teaching them by example. Your children start learning to drive from you way before they turn 16. Do you obey the speed limit? Do you watch for pedestrians? Do you maintain a safe driving distance? Make sure that you are demonstrating admirable driving behaviors for your teen to mimic.

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