Railroad Injury, Metro-North Signal Trainee

Scott Moran (signal trainee):

I was only 29 years old when a simple slip on a small embankment in Norwalk, CT. changed my life forever. I didn’t fall when I slipped, but I twisted my back and herniated a disc. I had to have my spine fused. I went from being an avid athlete who played sports every day of the week to being a total invalid, feeling like I was 85 years old.

Metro-North Railroad claimed they had done nothing wrong and said it was just one of those accidents where no one was to blame. Ira Maurer refused to accept the railroad’s position and proved at trial in the White Plains federal court that the railroad had failed to provide me with a reasonably safe place to work as required by federal railroad law. Ira also proved that Metro-North knew, before my injury, that the embankment where I had slipped needed to have something installed for employees to hold onto when walking up and down.

Metro-North Railroad had the chance to settle the lawsuit for $600,000.00, but offered less and demanded that I resign from my employment. I refused to do so and Ira supported my decision to go forward with a trial. It was clear to me and my wife as soon as the trial began that Ira’s trial preparation gave us a big advantage. His thorough knowledge of the medical issues and his intense cross-examination of the railroad’s own doctors proved that I didn’t have a pre-existing degenerative spine condition as claimed by the railroad. The jury awarded $1,330,000.00.

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