Getting Compensation After a Construction Site Injury

Construction accident attorney Construction sites are some of the most dangerous places in the occupational world. Between the heights, heavy machinery, and sheer size and weight of the materials, there are a lot of potential risks. If you received an injury at one of these sites and want to know if you’re entitled to compensation, we can help. Whether your injury was due to personnel negligence, poor site safety adherence, machinery malfunction, or something in-between, we will examine the details and see if you have a case. Our construction accident attorney consultations at the Maurer Law Firm are free, so please don’t hesitate to contact us. Continue reading to find out more about why you may have a case worthy of compensation for your injury.


Negligence is a catch-all term that can include the negligence of fellow personnel on site, malfunctioning machinery, or improper safety measures in place due to the negligence of the site manager or property owner. All of these factors could be the reason why you can make a case for your injury and earn compensation.

That’s why it’s crucial to get in contact with us after you receive medical care so we can examine the numerous factors at play during your injury. Below, we’ll discuss what some of these factors may look like, and the parties you may earn compensation from that you may not be expecting.

Machinery: Accidents involving construction site machinery can be examined in more detail than people realize. Faulty parts could lead to compensation coming from the manufacturer of the equipment. Improper maintenance of said machine could lead back to negligence of a garage that now may owe you compensation. Or perhaps the individual driving the machinery did not receive proper training? Any of these secondary factors involving construction site machinery could lead to further compensation for your injury.

Improper Site Safety: Whether there’s a construction site manager present or a general location owner, they are in charge of providing a safe place to work. And even if it is found that that individual is only 1% at fault, you could earn total compensation for your injury.

There are many other factors at play that we haven’t touched on during a construction site injury. Don’t wait, give us at the Maurer Law Firm in Fishkill, NY, a call today at 845-896-5295 so we can discuss other variables that may entitle you to compensation.

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