Trimalleolar Ankle Fractures

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: One of the most common and serious ankle fractures is called a trimalleolar fracture. A trimalleolar fracture is a fracture of the ankle that involves three separate bones, the lateral and medial malleoli and the tibia. The trauma is sometimes accompanied by ligament damage and dislocation. A trimalleolar fracture usually requires surgery by an orthopedist who repairs the fracture using a plate and screws. This is known as open reduction with internal fixation. Trimalleolar fractures can be quite disabling, involve an extended period of rehabilitation and recovery, and may result in a limp. Once the fracture heals, the surgeon may choose to remove the plate and screws, if they are bothering the patient. Otherwise, the plate and screws will be left in the patient permanently. In my experience, clients who have suffered a trimalleolar fracture are freuquently left with a permanent partial disability that prevents them from engaging in many sports activities, climbing, or even extended walking. This can prevent them from returning to a job that requires frequent weight-bearing by the injured leg. All of this impacts quality of life, and may cause significant loss of income.

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