Aggressive Drivers

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At The Maurer Law Firm, we understand that residents of Fishkill, and nearby communities have all experienced aggressive driving. While you cannot control other drivers and you cannot avoid every accident, you can control your own response to aggression. If someone is driving aggressively around you, remember these tips to attempt to diffuse the situation and avoid a motor vehicle accident or other tragic outcome.

Tip #1: Don't take an aggressive driver's behavior personally. Although the aggressive driver is being rude to you, you don't have to stoop to their level.

Tip #2: Avoid driving when you are stressed. When you are less stressed, it is easier to deal with the unexpected stress of an aggressive driver. Take a deep breathe and move out of the aggressive driver's way. Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. Make sure your environment inside the car is calming - pick soothing music and adjust the air controls for your personal comfort.

Tip #3: Respond courteously. Treat driving as you would any other social situation and keep your responses courteous. Do not use vulgar hand gestures or yell at discourteous drivers - this may lead to a dangerous conflict. Aggressive drivers may attempt to get you to pull over to continue the conflict face-to-face. You should avoid doing so.

Tip #4: Don't leave your vehicle. You should also never leave your vehicle - your vehicle offers protection. If necessary, call 911 for assistance. You can also drive to a public place if an aggressive driver is following you (that includes a police station). 

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