Who Can Be Held Liable for Truck Accident Damages?

truck accident

truck accident truck accident can be incredibly devastating. Given the fact that these commercial vehicles can weigh nearly 20 to 30 times more than passenger vehicles, they are more likely to cause severe damage and injuries during collisions. As you can imagine, the costs of medical care and other financial burdens brought on by these accidents can be difficult to overcome. In these situations, victims have the ability to file personal injury claims. It is vital to understand who may be held liable for the damages that you face should you be harmed in a truck accident.

When an Individual Causes a Truck Accident

There are instances where vehicles are involved in collisions due to other drivers sharing the road. For example, a driver’s erratic or reckless driving could cause a truck driver to make an evasive maneuver in order to avoid a collision and, as a result, strike your vehicle and cause harm. In these cases, the reckless driver may be held liable for the damages that you have suffered.

When a Truck Crashes Into You

A significant number of truck accidents are caused by someone associated with the truck, whether it is the truck driver or someone else responsible for the truck in some way. Those who may be responsible for your damages may include:

The Truck Driver

If the truck driver fell asleep, was driving erratically or aggressively, or failed to maintain the truck, then they may be held liable for your injuries and losses. If the truck driver is responsible for loading the truck and a load shift causes a wreck or a load falls off an open trailer, the truck driver is also responsible for your damages. However, in cases involving spilled or shifting of cargo, the cargo loading company may also be liable.

Technicians, Inspectors, and Loaders

Most truck drivers have third-party auto technicians, inspectors, and loaders to repair, inspect, and load their trucks. If a truck driver relies on a third party to repair, inspect, or load the truck, that specific party will be responsible for your damages. In general, you will need to prove that the accident was caused by an incorrectly installed part, something the inspector should have noticed but did not, or the load was not loaded properly.

The Trucking Company

If the truck driver operates a vehicle for a company instead of himself, the trucking company could also bear some responsibility for your damages. For example, if the truck company hires a driver knowing he is an alcoholic and the truck driver’s drunk driving caused the accident, the company could be held responsible.

In any case, a thorough investigation is needed to determine the specific circumstances that led to your accident. Working with a dedicated, seasoned truck accident lawyer will provide you with the best chance of proving your case against one or multiple parties.

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