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          The most common type of personal injury case results from a car/bus/truck accident.  No-Fault laws require the insured to promptly advise their own insurance company of an accident so that a No-Fault claim number can be submitted to all medical service providers.  The medical service providers must submit their bills to your No-Fault insurance company within a limited amount of time.  Most car drivers are grossly under insured for liability and SUM (supplemental underinsured/uninsured motorist) coverage.  For example, if the negligent driver only has a $25,000 liability policy and no assets to satisfy your injury claim, you may be able to collect from your own SUM coverage on your own car insurance policy if you have SUM coverage beyond the liability coverage of the negligent driver.  You make a SUM coverage claim to obtain payment for the difference between the two insurance policies.   The procedure for SUM coverage claims must be complied with or your claim will be denied.

           If you have more than a minor injury, consulting an experienced personal injury lawyer for guidance and to ensure you are able to successfully navigate throught the No-Fault system is imperative. 

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