Railroad Injury, Metro-North Carpenter


On 1/17/05, I was employed as a railroad carpenter for Metro-North Railroad. I drove to work, parked my car and proceeded to walk through the employee parking lot. As I approached the parking lot entrance, I slipped on a patch of ice that was covered with a dusting of fresh snow, causing me to fall on my back and strike my head. As a result of my slip and fall, I sustained herniated discs in my neck and had to have my neck surgically fused.

When I hired Ira Maurer to be my attorney, it was clear to me from the beginning, that he was very knowledgeable about the railroad and related spine injuries. The railroad defended itself by claiming it didn’t have sufficient notice of the condition that caused me to slip so they could remedy the slippery condition before I fell. Ira obtained the federal weather records and the necessary pre-trial testimony that proved the railroad had ample time to have prevented my injury.

I’m convinced that I won my settlement of $750,000.00 solely because of Ira’s skill and proven track record as an attorney. Ira also used his knowledge of the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board procedures to win a settlement that requires the railroad to purchase approximately 24 months of credited service so that I will be eligible to apply for an occupational disability pension. I was very pleased to have Ira as my attorney and highly recommend him to anyone who needs legal representation for a serious personal injury.

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