Railroad Injury, Conductor Close Clearance Situation

“John Doe” (railroad conductor)

I was employed by a railroad in the Northeast and worked as a conductor, making up trains in the railroad yard. One night, while I was riding on the side of a train in the yard, my back was struck by an electrical box that was installed too close to the tracks, creating a close clearance condition. I was knocked off the train and sustained severe injuries to my shoulders and back. I had shoulder surgery and a procedure to implant an electrical wire running up and down my spine to mask my pain.

I hired Ira Maurer to handle my claim and he started a lawsuit in the New York federal court. Ira used his extensive knowledge of the railroad to prove that my railroad employer had violated federal regulations when it installed and maintained the close clearance condition. Ultimately, Ira’s superior medical knowledge and impressive skills of persuasion won me a settlement of $1,032,000.00. He convinced the federal judge assigned to my case and the railroad’s claim manager that the amount settled upon was fair and reasonable.

During the lawsuit, I had to deal with many difficult family issues. Ira helped me get through those problems one at a time and he was there for me whenever I needed him. My case ended in 2001, but Ira has continued to assist me whenever I’ve needed help with different problems right up to the present. When I hired Ira, he told me that I would find that he is not your “average lawyer.” That was an understatement. Ira is what every lawyer should be and is a true credit to his profession.

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