Injured on New York Subway? You May Have Right to a Legal Claim

Empty,Subway,Station,In,New,York,,Manhattan New York can be a bustling, busy city. With this many people and moving parts, the chances of accidents increase. In the event of an injury or accident on the New York subway or any other service provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), such as the Staten Island Railway, you may be able to file a legal claim.

Learn your rights and what you should do in the event of a subway injury.

What Injuries Can You File a Claim For?

When the injury sustained can be attributed to negligence by the MTA, you may have grounds for a legal claim. Whether the accident is something such as a slip-and-fall accident or something more serious, such as an accident involving a moving train, if the accident can be attributed to neglect, you may have a viable claim.
You may be able to take legal action if you are injured due to:

  • Poor lighting
  • Faulty wiring
  • Improper signage
  • Inadequate safety precautions, such as absent guardrails or broken handrails
  • Reckless or unsafe behavior by MTA employees

Speaking with a well-versed New York attorney can help you take appropriate next steps if your injury qualifies as a case.

What Is Involved in a Claim?

Once you’ve received the medical attention you need, you can turn your attention to filing a claim. With the MTA, all incidents need to be reported through the MTA incident form. There is a statute of limitations in place of one year and 90 days from the date of incidence. You must file your claim within this time frame for it to be legally valid. .

A claim will also have witnesses, police reports, videos or photographs of the incident or injury, medical expenses, and more. Naturally, this can be overwhelming, especially if you are recovering from injuries sustained. For this reason, you can benefit from working with an attorney who can navigate this complex process.

Rely On the 30 Years of Experience of Ira M. Maurer in Fishkill, NY

The claim process for a subway, train, or train platform or station injury can be complicated. Having someone who knows what they are doing can help you recover what you are owed.

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