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Fall Colors

Fall is fast approaching and, with it, the amazing colors that grace the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas of New York. As any rider knows, one of the best ways to experience both the fresh air and astounding colors of autumn in Upstate New York is by motorcycle. But this experience can quickly turn to disaster when larger vehicles sharing the road fail to drive safely around motorcyclists. This makes the most important safety tip for riders to always drive defensively.

What Does it Mean to Drive Defensively?

Defensive driving includes:

  • Avoiding Distraction
  • Staying Sober
  • Paying Close Attention to Surroundings
  • Being Aware of Nearby Vehicles
  • Avoiding Dangerous Weather
  • Redirecting Away from Roadway Hazards

On a motorcycle, it is a good idea to allow three to four car lengths between yourself and the vehicle in front of you, more on the highway, and to be aware of vehicles on both sides as well. One of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents is drivers of larger vehicles running into bikes. Be prepared for erratic and thoughtless actions from nearby drivers. Operate your motorcycle like these actions are inevitable and remain vigilant while riding.

Safety Gear is a Good Idea

Driving defensively is essential for the safe operation of a motorcycle. Safety Equipment helps as well. This includes helmets, which are required by law for all operators and passengers in the state of New York, along with motorcycle jackets, gloves, chaps, and boots. The better protected you are from both the road and the elements, the more enjoyable your trip can be.

Infographic: Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

Great Rides Near Poughkeepsie

There are so many great rides in and around Poughkeepsie. Nearby Bear Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park both offer abundant routes and breathtaking scenery. So too does a tour of the Hudson River Bridges – a tour that will take you through Newburgh, home of the Motorcyclepedia Museum. Just remember, no matter where you ride, do so with safety as a top priority.

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