Beware the Signs of Lead Poisoning

lead poisoning You and your family’s health is a matter that should always be taken seriously. There is a lot you can do to ensure the continued health of your loved ones, but when circumstances out of your control harm you, you may have a legal case against those who have wronged you. One increasingly sparse but still all-too-common issue that people are exposed to is lead poisoning. As such, it’s essential to know the signs of lead poisoning and what causes it if you ever need a lead poisoning lawyer.

Common Causes of Lead Poisoning

There are, unfortunately, many ways in which the signs of lead poisoning you’re experiencing could have been caused. Most commonly, it is because of lead-based paints. Though it has been banned for use in homes, toys, and household furniture, lead-based paint can still be found in many older buildings.

Lead pipes or pipes with lead soldering can also release lead particles into water, causing the common signs of lead poisoning when ingested. Again, though most lead pipes have been replaced and are out of use, you can really only know the quality of pipework in your own home.

Common Symptoms of Lead Poisoning

Those of all ages can be affected by the signs of lead poisoning, which is one major reason it is of such grave concern. Whether your case of lead poisoning was caused by lead paint or pipes as described above or exposure to lead-contaminated water, soil, dust, or cosmetics, the signs of lead poisoning are generally the same.

Most commonly, those with lead poisoning will experience:

  • Persistent and recurring headaches
  • Onsets of irritability
  • Frequent stomach cramps and abdominal pain
  • An overall decline in mental acuity
  • Bodily soreness, pain, and fatigue

And the list goes on.

Act Now if You’ve Been Wrongly Harmed by Lead Poisoning

If you or someone in your family has been exposed to lead and has been harmed by the signs of lead poisoning, consider contacting a lead poisoning lawyer that you can trust, like those at Maurer Law Firm PLLC. Located conveniently in Fishkill, NY, and serving their surrounding communities, a lead poisoning lawyer is just a call away at 845-896-5295.

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