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Fractures in the lower leg, including the ankle, can be very dangerous. The farther away from the heart an injury is, the weaker the circulation may be. If a broken bone does not receive adequate blood flow, it is less likely to heal properly. In the worst cases, the doctor may have to amputate the leg above the location of the fracture.

While most fractures do not require an amputation, they can cause temporary or permanent disability. If your ankle injury was the result of another party's negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses. Call 845-896-5295 today for a free review of your case at my office in Fishkill, New York.

Experience with Ankle and Other Injuries

I am personal injury attorney Ira M. Maurer. I help injury victims recover damages for medical bills, lost income, and pain and suffering. During my career, I have helped more than 1,000 clients who have suffered serious personal injuries to obtain all of the damages they are entitled to under the law.

Ankle and lower leg fractures often require full-leg casts at first, which severely limits the patient's mobility. After several weeks, a shorter cast may replace the full-leg cast. Fractures of the ankle may need external or internal fixation remedies such as surgical plates, screws or rods. These types of fractures may take four to six months or longer to heal and sometimes leave significant, permanent disability. In addition, physical rehabilitation may be necessary for months.

Ankle injuries can be caused by traumatic accidents such as falls and vehicle accidents as well as by repetitive stress and overuse. Walking or standing on unstable surfaces, or making repeated twisting motions with the legs can lead to cumulative trauma injuries.

Workers who must be on their feet for most of the day may be unable to return to their jobs after an ankle injury. They will need compensation for their pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills.

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