What To Do or Not Do After A Car Accident in New York

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: People who are involved in a car accident rarely are aware of the things they need to do or not do. Even if they do know what to do, an injury may place them in shock and prevent them from doing what they need to do. Here is a basic checklist of things to do after an accident:

  • Immediately call 911 - report the accident to the police.
  • Give an accurate description of the accident to the police - when they interview you, make sure you inform them of the physical things that are bothering you. And remember, sometimes you are in shock after an accident and you may not even realize you have been injured. Don't put aside pain or discomfort you may be feeling or don't think are important, tell the police everything.
  • Request medical treatment if you have any physical complaints - let the ambulance crew take you to the hospital or ER.
  • Give the hospital staff an accurate description of the accident AND your physical complaints.
  • Call your car insurance company - report the accident AND your injuries to your car insurance company. Obtain a claim number.
  • Seek follow-up medical care and give them the no fault claim number.
  • Call a personal injury attorney - find a lawyer who is experienced in handling serious car accident injury claims.

Now, here is a basic checklist of things NOT to do after an accident:

  • DO NOT get into an argument with other drivers about who is to blame for causing the accident.
  • DO NOT tell the police or other driver that you think you did something wrong that may have contributed to the accident taking place.
  • DO NOT give a statement to the other driver's insurance company if and when they call you, without first speaking to a lawyer yourself.
  • DO NOT wait to see if your symptoms go away before seeing a doctor about your injuries.
  • DO NOT stop seeking medical treatment or follow-up until your symptoms have completely resolved.
  • DO NOT try to settle your personal injury claim without a lawyer.
  • DO NOT rush to settle your claim if you still have symptoms.

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