Car and Bike Accidents - Law of The Roads

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Whenever motor vehicles, bike riders and pedestrians share the roads, there is an increased risk of injury. The law of the roads that is set forth in the New York motor vehicle and traffic law imposes obligations on drivers, bike riders and pedestrians which are intended to reduce the risk of an accident.

  • Section 1156 of the Vehicle & Traffic Law requires pedestrians, when practical, to walk in the direction facing approaching traffic when there is no sidewalk, so that they are able to see oncoming traffic and move to the far left to avoid being hit.
  • Section 1234 of the Vehicle & Traffic Law prohibits bike riders or roller bladers from riding more than two people side-by-side. The law also requires bike riders and roller bladers to stay as far to the right as possible to avoid interference with automobiles.

Over the last few decades, local governements have created dedicated lanes of traffic for exclusive use by pedestrians, bike riders and roller bladers. This significantly reduces the chance of an accident, but comes at the price of inconvenience in the reduction of the number of lanes available for motor vehicle traffic. The law, when complied with, substantially reduces the risk of motor vehicle accidents and personal injuries. But, human nature being what it is, negligence in driving, roller blading, bike-riding and walking all cause car accidents on the road - every single day.

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