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VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: I’m Ira Maurer, founder of the Maurer Law Firm located in Fishkill, New York in the heart of the Hudson Valley. Welcome to our website. At the Maurer Law Firm, we represent clients who live in the Northeast Region of the United States who’ve become victims of a serious injury due to a motor vehicle accident or some other type of traumatic event. At the Maurer Law Firm, it’s our belief that every client needs to be educated about their injuries and how the legal process works. I make use of the latest technology and work with accident reconstruction and biomechanical experts to create demonstrative evidence that supports and illustrates my client’s claims. At the Maurer Law Firm, we work with brain specialists to determine the extent of brain damage and the medical care and services the injured individual will need. This is especially important in closed-head cases because the effects of an impact to the head may only reveal themselves over time. 

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