Safety Guard Removal Attorney

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If you have been injured by a defective product, you should be able to hold the responsible party accountable. Manufacturers have a duty to provide purchasers with safe products. This includes providing safety guards, warnings and protections whenever needed to prevent injury during the intended use of their products.

When these safety guards have been removed or a product has been altered, the manufacturer can use those modifications as a defense to an injury claim. This can make it difficult for an injured individual to secure compensation from the manufacturer due to negligent design or manufacturing.

I am Ira M. Maurer, a New York attorney who assists clients who have been seriously injured due to dangerous and defective tools, equipment and other types of products. With more than three decades of experience handling product liability cases, I have the knowledge and insight to help you to be successful with your product liability case and will help you to secure the compensation you need to cover medical expenses, lost wages and your own pain and suffering.

Overcoming Manufacturer Defenses to Product Liability Claims

If you removed a safety guard or altered a product, you still may be able to hold the manufacturer accountable for your injuries. If your removal of the safety guard or use of the product was foreseeable, and the manufacturer took no steps to warn you that it could cause injury, you may be able to overcome the manufacturer's defense to your claim.

Product liability cases are complex and involve in-depth technical knowledge. I often work with engineers, product specialists and other industry experts in order to identify the defect and establish liability.

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