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Homeowners and business operators who host visitors after dark are expected to provide adequate lighting to offer a reasonable level of safety for guests, visitors and customers on their property. If lighting is not adequate to illuminate potential hazards, or provides a safe haven for muggers and robbers lying in wait, the property owner can be found liable for financial damages resulting from an injury or wrongful death.

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Know Your Rights on an Unsafe Property

I am personal injury attorney Ira Maurer. For more than 30 years, I have successfully represented clients in personal injury insurance litigation matters and trials. I am proud of my record of recovering millions of dollars in insurance settlements and jury verdicts on behalf of my clients.

Call my office if you suffered an injury because of:

  • Burned out lights in a parking lot or parking ramp
  • Retail lights off because of a power failure, without backup generator lighting
  • Facility staff turned off lights prematurely, while the crowd was still exiting the arena
  • Assault injuries because areas of the property were not adequately illuminated for public safety
  • Slip-and-fall sidewalk or ice and snow injury because of unsafe lighting conditions
  • Any other injury resulting from insufficient lighting

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I represent clients with serious injuries. I have the legal and financial resources to take your case from initial investigation, through the final outcome at the settlement table or trial. I won't promise you the world and then ask you to accept an inadequate settlement. I know the legal issues and I know how to present a clear case for damages.

You can count on my experience to simplify the litigation process for you and to ensure that you have a dedicated law firm fighting for your legal rights. Most important, I will keep you well-informed about your case and work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your injuries.

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