Defective Medical Devices Lawyer

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A defective medical device can be a serious health risk and lead to devastating injuries. Medical devices are often necessary to treat a condition or illness. When that device is poorly designed, negligently implanted or is otherwise defective, it can cause your previous condition to reappear and/or lead to further medical complications. Our Fishkill defective products lawyers can aggressively represent your case. 

Defective medical device cases, a subset of product liability, can be difficult to prove. With more than 30 years of complex personal injury litigation, I have the knowledge and resources to help you investigate and establish liability in your case. I am Ira M. Maurer, and I am a defective medical device lawyer in New York. I have won more than 1,000 verdicts and settlements throughout my career. I am proud to have been successful in a number of cases that lawyers and judges use as precedent in personal injury cases.

Holding Medical Device Manufacturers Accountable

All medical devices are subject to approval by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The FDA is responsible for determining whether a device is safe for its intended use. If the FDA discovers that a device is not safe, it will issue a recall of the medical device.

If your device has been recalled and you have suffered an injury, I can help you hold the manufacturer accountable in a personal injury action. The Maurer Law Firm, PLLC, can provide representation to clients in cases involving all types of devices such as:

  • Knee and hip implants
  • Mesh products, including transvaginal mesh and bladder slings
  • Pacemakers and heart valves
  • Breast implants
  • IUDs and other forms of birth control
  • Artificial disks for the back or neck

If you have suffered a severe injury or worsened illness because of a defective medical device, please contact The Maurer Law Firm by calling 845-896-5295 to schedule a free consultation with experienced Fishkill attorney Ira Maurer.