What to Do If Holiday Decor Caused Fire Damage

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Lagrangeville Christmas Tree sets fire from defective productOne of the most joyous parts of the holiday season is decorating your home. Holiday décor often stays up from Thanksgiving weekend well into the New Year, giving a defective product a long window of opportunity to start a fire. Up to 86 percent of Americans decorate their homes in some way during the holiday season. Some of these decorations are designed poorly or cheaply made, which means you’re bringing a defective product into your home with the potential to start a fire or cause property damage and serious injuries in some way.

A majority of outdoor holiday decor and some indoor involve lights such as pre-lit Christmas trees and the lights that line the gutters of many U.S. homes. These products are supposed to be made using precautions such as including safety fuses to stop electrical shortages, which often leads to a burning holiday tree. You can avoid these issues by buying well-designed decorations that don’t have a history of defects and injuries.

House fires can cause a range of severe injuries and death as well as significant property damage. If you or someone you know had a fire in their home over the holidays, these steps will help you through the process:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Attention: The first step you need to take following a house fire is to call emergency medical services (EMS) to address any injuries no matter how minor they may seem and to stop the burning fire. This is important to make sure your medical needs are met and establishes documentation for the damage caused by the fire. The fire department will also pinpoint what started the fire.
  2. File a Police Report for Damages: The fire department and police will be dispatched with EMS. If your injuries are severe, you’ll be transported to the hospital immediately. Otherwise, you and your family will be asked to provide statements for a police report.
  3. Contact a Product Liability Lawyer: Before you file a defective product claim with your insurance, contact an experienced product liability lawyer to discuss the details of your case and determine if you have a defective product claim. It’s important to speak with an attorney first to ensure compensation for all injuries and damage to your property. The goal of your insurance company is to pay as little as possible.  Don’t agree to a settlement until your medical expenses and other costs of the fire have been established.

These cases have to prove fault, which typically involves proving negligence or strict liability. Your case could prove fault easily if the product is listed under product recalls by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. Regardless, you need an experienced attorney who knows product liability law in New York. Our lawyer has represented clients injured by defective products with great case results.

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