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The Covid 19 virus pandemic lock down (or "stay in place" at home) has impacted all aspects of life.  This includes the legal system.  Except for essential functions such as criminal proceedings or the need to obtain a protective order from a court, the courts are shutdown to visitors.  That means no civil cases (i.e.

            In the year 2020, use of social media services to communicate with friends and families has replaced letter writing and telephone calls as a primary vehicle of staying connected.  Use of the social media services is not without its drawbacks.  False identity representation in dating services and as a means to steal is rampant.  Social media users also don’t always realize the impact postings can have on their employment when employers use sophisticated background checks that reveal public postings by an applicant.  However, there is another problem that few appreciate other than

No one likes paying taxes, whether they be income taxes, sales taxes, estate taxes, or real estate taxes.  Yet, many Americans don’t pay taxes.  Obviously, failing to pay taxes is a very risky thing to do because, if you get caught, you may end up serving jail time in addition to having to pay the taxes with penalties and interest on top.

As a lawyer who handles serious injury and wrongful death cases stemming from auto accidents, I am especially aware of the epidemic of distracted driving that brings many new clients to my law firm. It is very easy to recognize when drivers are distracted. You may see a driver's chin tuck down for at least two to three seconds at a time.

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At The Maurer Law Firm, we recognize that most people have little experience when it comes to hiring a lawyer.  It can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience.  So, how does one go about choosing a lawyer for your personal injury claim?  When it comes to selecting our friends, we tend to look for people who share our core values and interests.  Is that how you should sele

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When you have been involved in a significant car accident, you are likely to be in shock and unable to think clearly.  Yet, this is the time when you need to make good decisions.  I highly recommend that people keep an accident checklist in their glove compartments to ensure that they take care of every thing that is important.  The checklist should include:

1.  Call the police immediately;

2.  Avoid getting into arguments with the drivers of other vehicles involved in the accident;

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No one wants to spend a penny more than they have to on insurance.  Insurance companies know this and you can find television commercials from insurance companies that appeal to our desire not to pay more than necessary to insure our vehicles.  When it comes to motor vehicle insurance, the old saying "penny wise, pound foolish" could not be more true.

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