Car Accidents

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With all of the electronic distractions within motor vehicles these days, it is important, now more than ever, to drive defensively.   Larger vehicles carrying heavy loads cannot stop within the same distance as a smaller vehicle.  If you are aware that there is a truck or bus being driven behind you, your operation of your vehicle should reflect that fact.  At a minimum, you should keep at least one car length between you and the vehicle in front of you for every 10 m.p.h.

Every week, I field questions from potential clients regarding whether or not they have a personal injury claim stemming from a motor vehicle accident that can be pursued in the Courts.  The answer can be found in the history of state No-Fault laws.  The New York No-Fault law was passed in 1974 by the New York state legislature in an effort to deal with a crisis in the courts.  There were too many car accident claims and not enough courts and judges.  The effect of that situation was the creation of a log jam that prevented cases from getting a jury trial.  The No-Fault law

          The most common type of personal injury case results from a car/bus/truck accident.  No-Fault laws require the insured to promptly advise their own insurance company of an accident so that a No-Fault claim number can be submitted to all medical service providers.  The medical service providers must submit their bills to your No-Fault insurance company within a limited amount of time.  Most car drivers are grossly under insured for liability and SUM (supplemental underinsured/uninsured motorist) coverage.  For example, if the negligent driver only has a $25,000 liability policy and

Being involved in a car accident is a devastating experience, especially when it’s the result of a negligent driver. At the Maurer Law Firm, we want you to know that we’re here for you during this difficult time and can help you pursue the justice and compensation that you deserve. Please view our slideshare below to learn a little more about car accidents and how we can help you.