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Every experienced construction worker will tell you that the most dangerous situation on a job site is working in an unsupported trench or in an unsafe building. In a flash, thousands of pounds of dirt and building materials can collapse around you, causing serious head injuries and fracturing bones. In many cases, employing sound construction techniques or preparation of the job site can prevent the tragic construction accident.

I am New York construction accident injury lawyer Ira M. Maurer of Fishkill, New York. For more than three decades, I have been fighting on behalf of people injured in accidents that resulted from other people's negligence or misconduct. My law firm is flexible and responsive to your concerns.

Throughout your case, I will go to every length to keep you educated and informed. I understand the legal issues involved in third-party litigation cases and I will make sure you understand them as well. I will not make empty promises about a pie-in-the-sky outcome. You will find me open, honest and committed to making sure you get the highest quality, most effective legal representation possible.

What Is a Third-Party Lawsuit? Damages in Addition to Workers' Compensation.

If you can demonstrate that your job site accident was the result of negligence on the part of a product manufacturer, property owner or subcontractor on site, you may file a claim for damages against the negligent third party found liable for your financial damages.

I have a successful litigation record representing clients in all types of construction accident claims, such as:

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