Ladder and Scaffolding Falls

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In a typical year, more than 10 percent of all construction workers and subcontractors on a building site will suffer an injury that is serious enough to cause time away from work. Statistically, falls from ladders and scaffolding are the main types of construction accidents. In fact, defective ladders and unsafe scaffold setups led the New York legislature to add Labor Law Statute 240 specifically to address liability for fall injuries.

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Laws Applying to Falls on Construction Sites

Under the provisions of Section 240, a general contractor or property owner can be held strictly liable for any injury or wrongful death damages resulting from a fall from a scaffold, ladder or other raised work platform. In a Section 240 case, the question is not if someone was negligent, but rather if someone other than your employer violated the provision of Section 240.

Similarly, under Section 241 of the New York Labor Law, an owner or contractor can be held liable for failing to follow safety regulations and guidelines during construction.

You may also bring a lawsuit against someone other than your employer based upon his or her negligence. Don't assume the fall accident was your fault. If you can demonstrate that the accident was partially the result of a defect or negligence on the part of a third-party contractor or property owner, you are entitled to seek full and fair damages over and above workers' compensation.

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