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In any given year, up to 1,000 people are killed in electrical accidents in the U.S. When they are not fatal, an electrical accident can result in serious injuries, including burns at the contact point and damage to nerves, muscles, eyes, heart and other parts of the body.

If a loved one has suffered injuries in an electrical accident caused by the negligence of another party, you should speak with an attorney as soon as possible. The immediate and long-term effects of the accident could be severe, including the need for extensive medical care, loss of income and physical and psychological suffering.

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Effects of High Voltage Electrical Burns

Electrical burns are significantly different than thermal or chemical burns in their physiological effects. While an electrical accident can cause tissue damage to the surface of the skin, many of the effects of a high voltage accident occur beneath the surface, including extensive damage to nerves and muscles at both the entrance (electrical source) and exit (ground) points.

The victim can be thrown down, resulting in head injuries, fractures or broken bones. Pigment from damaged muscle cells and hemoglobin from damaged red blood cells are released soon after the injury, exposing the kidneys to heavy loads and the possibility of kidney failure. The electrical arc can also cause clothes to catch fire, resulting in thermal burn injuries.

Effects of Low Voltage Electrical Burns

Because electrical current causes muscle contractions, in lower voltage accidents it can be difficult for the victim to release hold of the object through which the current is flowing. This can increase damage to nerves and muscles. Accidents that cause the victim to freeze in this manner can be intensely painful and frightening. Nerves, muscles and tendons can be damaged to the extent that one or more fingers must be amputated. Many low voltage electrical accidents happen to children who touch an exposed wire or electrical outlet, and consequently suffer injuries to their hands or mouths.

I vigorously represent burn victims, working hard to help them get the financial resources they deserve. When you retain my firm to represent you, I will work with medical experts to determine the extent of injuries and future medical needs. I will seek full compensation for all economic and noneconomic losses.

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