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A chemical burn occurs when an acid or base comes in contact with tissue. Immediate effects include pain, irritation of the skin, shortness of breath and headache, and if the chemical gets in the eyes, temporary or permanent vision loss. In severe cases, chemical burn injuries can lead to low blood pressure, seizure, cardiac arrest and death.

People who have suffered chemical burns caused by the negligence of another party can claim compensation for their losses and suffering. In the event of a serious burn injury, you should speak with a lawyer concerning your case. Call The Maurer Law Firm for free today at /burn-injury-lawyer.

Background in Burn Injury Litigation

I am Ira Maurer, an attorney with more than 30 years of experience representing injured people and the families of fatal accident victims. I have represented numerous burn injury victims during my career. This has provided me with extensive knowledge concerning the medical issues burn victims face, as well as the legal issues that can affect the outcome of burn injury cases, and the emotional devastation that often accompanies the physical injury.

When representing you, The Maurer Law Firm, PLLC, will work diligently to help you obtain medical care and full compensation for financial losses and pain and suffering while being sensitive to your other needs.

About Chemical Burn Injuries

Acidic and caustic chemicals can be found in the home as well as in industrial settings. The severity of a chemical burn depends on the pH of the chemical, its concentration, length of contact, the volume of the chemical and the physical form of the substance. Certain chemicals can generate intense heat when diluted or neutralized, causing thermal damage to tissue as well as caustic damage.

The location of exposure can also affect the type of burn injury. For example, a caustic chemical in the eyes can cause opacification of the cornea and complete loss of vision. Exposure to the skin can result in blistering and scarring. Ingestion can result in stricture formation in the esophagus.

Helping Burn Injury Victims Rebuild Their Lives

At my law firm, I am committed to helping burn injury victims and their families get the help they need. In these cases, I work closely with burn specialists to determine the medical needs of my clients, including long-term care, cosmetic surgery and psychological counseling. I make a full accounting of my clients' losses, including medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering. I will exert every effort to obtain full compensation for you.

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