Medical Malpractice: Peggy Stephenson

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Undisclosed settlement
Peggy Stephenson (medical malpractice victim):

I was involved in an unfortunate accident involving a gun that resulted in my becoming a paraplegic. After being discharged from the hospital, I started attending physical therapy. My usual physical therapy regimen included receiving moist heat while lying on my back. One day, during a moist heat treatment, I was left by my therapist to go treat other patients. Unbeknownst to me, the heating pad shifted under me and I was burned below the level where I had sensation. I was admitted to Stony Brook University Hospital for three weeks, where I had extensive skin grafting due to the severity of my burns.

I hired Ira Maurer to start a medical malpractice lawsuit. Ira left no stone unturned during the pre-trial discovery phase of the litigation and was meticulous in his preparation of my lawsuit for trial. During the trial, the physical therapy company claimed that they had done nothing wrong by leaving me alone during my moist heat treatment and suggested that I must have moved while performing the stomach crunches the physical therapist had instructed me to do during heat therapy. Our expert testified that one reason I was burned was because I was placed on top of the moist heat when the moist heat should have been placed on top of me.

The matter settled during trial for an amount that cannot be revealed as part of the terms of the settlement. I was extremely pleased to have Ira Maurer as my attorney. His personal involvement in the claim made me feel very secure during the entire ordeal.