Railroad Diesel Exhaust Injuries

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Train Diesel Fumes Injury Lawyer

Railroad workers exposed to toxic air throughout their workday face many serious respiratory conditions and have a higher rate of cancer than workers in many other industries. Exhaust from diesel engines, now the most common type of engine used by today's freight railroads, emit up to 100 times more carcinogenic carbon particulates than regular gas engines. For railroad workers who spend a working life inhaling the noxious fumes, it is almost inevitable that health problems arise. Our law firm has earned a national reputation handling railroad worker injury lawsuits against railroads that do too little to protect their employees from the hazards of diesel exhaust and other dangers on the job.

A Law Firm experienced with Respiratory Illness Cases

I am attorney Ira M. Maurer, of Fishkill, New York. I have successfully handled over a thousand FELA railroad injury and personal injury cases over my 32-year trial career. My record for my clients includes millions of dollars in settlements and jury verdict compensation for medical treatment, lost wages, lost fringe benefits and pain and suffering.

Worried About What Your Employer Will Think if You File a FELA Injury Claim?

Under provisions of the Federal Rail Safety Act (FRSA), it is illegal for a railroad to fire, threaten or retaliate against an employee who seeks compensation for injuries suffered on the job. The FRSA also protects railroad workers who report unsafe levels of toxic exhaust and other hazardous and unsafe work conditions on the job. Learn more at my FRSA Whistleblower Protection page.

If you have developed a respiratory illness, cancer or another disease after working as a railroad employee, please contact The Maurer Law Firm to schedule a free consultation with experienced Fishkill FELA lawyer Ira Maurer.